Since the DeFi Summer boom in June last year, the DeFi market has grown exponentially and prospered ecologically. DeFi’s latest total lock-up value (TVL) is about $110 billion, set to match its early November high, according to Defi Pulse.


There are nearly 700 DeFi projects and protocols based on various public chains, covering more than a dozen tracks. In traditional financial markets, savings, lending, asset management, exchanges, derivatives, insurance, funds and other formats can all find the corresponding mirror products in the DeFi market. Therefore, DeFi is also considered to be a decentralized “parallel world” of centralized finance.

However, bonds, one of the basic financial instruments, have yet to have a truly decentralized application in the DeFi market. The DeFi market, without decentralized bonds is clearly incomplete. The reason is the lack of a standard and agreement suitable for bond products.

to this end, An elite international team from the UK created the DBL (dao) in Dubai, Most of its team members are from Amazon, Goldman Sachs, KPMG (KPMG), Coinmarketcap, Siemens, Unisys, GoDaddy, HP’s experts in mathematics, finance, algorithms, blockchain angel investors, cryptocurrency advisers, Is with a strong technology research and development capabilities and an international high-quality, experienced global elite team, Working together to build a decentralized bond ecological platform, Fill up the important jigsaw puzzle of decentralized bonds for DeFi.

DBL (dao) completes the DeFi bond puzzle

DBL (dao) is a decentralized bond laboratory jointly created by the British elite team incubated in Dubai, invested by Dubai Future Foundation led by Dubai Future Foundation and Bixin Ventures.

DBL (dao) is a decentralized bond ecology platform that supports the creation and management of multiple redememable bonds and provides bond and bond derivatives trading. The platform provides visual bond and bond derivatives creation tools, which can allow any institutions and individuals to design their own bond products for financing through the visual programming interface with a very low technical threshold. DBL (dao) as the world’s leading agreement and ecological platform focusing on decentralized bond products, DBL (dao) can support the issuance, redemption, trading and bond derivatives trading of various types of bonds, LP bonds, NFT bonds, hybrid bonds, filling the gap in the decentralized bond products in the current DeFi market.


DBL (dao) project positioning: to build a global leader’s first ecological platform of decentralized bond, and to establish a more stable, open and transparent blockchain debt financial system

DBL (ao) lending

Unlike the traditional borrowing agreement MakerDAO, the lenders of DBL (dao) bond loans are no longer smart contracts, but buyers of debt bonds. The borrower first mortgage any form of digital assets into the DBL (date) smart contract, and then the smart contract will issue bonds according to the setting of the loan amount, repayment method, interest and other parameters of the loan. The bonds are placed in the secondary market and are traded under the Dutch auction method.

DBL (ao) LP bonds

DBL (dao) platform launched LP bonds, in which each participant voluntarily added the bottom pool LP and obtained 3% Token reward allocation per day according to the weight. DBL (dao) can cut the LP into countless small pieces, each piece corresponding to the bond. These bonds have different redemption dates and awards upon redemption. Before the redemption date, the bonds can be packaged and traded in the secondary market. Users can also get a fixed interest on an LP bond on the basis of the original LP reward.

DBL (dao) NFT bond

DBL / NFT is an equity NFT issued by DBL (dao) NFT bonds. As one of the core assets of DBL / NFT ecology, the holders of DBL / NFT can enjoy a large amount of interests. Holding DBL / NFT can have the voting rights of all projects on the DBL (dao) platform.

DBL (date) debt generator

DBL (dao) pioneered the introduction of decentralized bonds into the blockchain to issue and manage multiple redeemable bonds. The main function of DBL (dao) debt generator is to help other projects to issue bonds, and then intervene in the form of intermediary platform to obtain the effect of aggregate income, and its financial intermediary income is stable and risk-free.

DBL (dao) debt financing

DBL (dao) launched the debt transfer type digital asset financial products. Through this product, users can purchase the debt products guaranteed by the real assets excessively pledged by DBL (ao) platform, so as to obtain the right to recover the principal and interest and earn steady income. At the same time, the creditor’s rights can also be transferred twice before the end of the product term, to recover the principal and interest in advance.


After years of development, DBL (dao) has gradually established its own influence in the industry and become a representative of the high-end of the blockchain + debt industry. It is the mission of DBL (dao) to let users enjoy cost-effective debt transaction services, providing core value services that can be timely realize global debt. At the same time, DBL (dao) will uphold the service tenet of “meeting user needs, improve user satisfaction”, to provide the best quality and convenient services for debt buyers.

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